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Post  mromerobrito on Tue Jul 13, 2010 11:03 pm

In the Bible, God promised us salvation, hope, safety and provision in the Old and New Testament. He has given the believer the gift of faith to become more spiritual.

God is always faithful to his promises; it is up to us to become one with him. Jesus says that we are like branches on a vine. To bear fruit, we must be attached to him. The more we abide by Him, the more we grow. The fruit is God’s blessing to us. The power of God is transferred from vine to branch. We get the nutrients from God as the Holy Spirit delivers the promise from His vine to us, the branches. The power of God is evident in our obedience to him.

If God was not faithful to us, repentance would be useless. Jesus’ sacrifice would have been a waste and He would never have allowed His children to enter heaven. Therefore, it is within God’s character to love us unconditionally. He does not take pleasure in the death of the wicked. In fact, he considers the death of His saints to be precious. God remains a righteous loving God. Nothing can change the fact that His discipline and justice is perfect. This includes His plan to save His children.

The promises of God can only work if you accept His son and what He did on the cross. This sacrifice was an act of love. It is proof of God’s perfect fidelity. His Son is the ultimate promise of salvation. Only through Jesus, His son, can we get the other promises of God. God is faithful in the eyes of Christ. This means that when we reach for Christ God with Holy Spirit will help us initially.

Stop blaming God for man’s troubles. One reason why God allows strife, disease, war, and famine is because He is revealing to us a life without God. We tend to be independent and not ask God for anything. Man apart from God will never achieve true order, peace, and prosperity. Only God could do that. We ignore God’s fidelity and love for us, yet we blame God for everything. We are not even trying to make the world a better place because we selfish. As humans we should be ashamed for not taking responsibility and doing our part. Accept Jesus now! God is always faithful to you. Your soul is more important than any earthly riches. Became one with Jesus!
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